Welcome Earthling,

I collect aliens -- all things alien one could say. This collection has been merely a part of my X-Files site until now [June, 2004]. I needed something to pour my "creative" energy in and XF isn't really all about aliens anyhow. However, I'm going to keep the aliens in the XF collection too.

The items are categorized in some sort of logical groups I hope, but of course there has to be the overflow group of "miscellany". Most of the tiny pictures are only a detail so be sure to click for the full picture. Clicking the thumbnails open a JavaScript powered window which resizes itself to fit the picture. If you don't have a JavaScript enabled click the magnifying glass under the thumbnail. It opens the picture in the frame and if you have a smart browser like Mozilla or Firefox the picture resizes to fit the frame.

The star at the top of the menu directs to this page. The confused-looking alien opens a category listing and some other information.

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