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Dreamcatcher Nightmares and Dreamscapes The Shining Everything's Eventual The Talisman From a Buick 8 Pet Sematary Dark Half Christine Rose Madder Needful Things Salem's Lot Dolores Claiborne Bag of Bones The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon The Stand The Bachman Books Gerald's Game Hearts in Atlantis Regulators IT Firestarter Insomnia Misery Desperation Eyes of the Dragon Thinner Night Shift Dead Zone Skeleton Crew Tommyknockers Four Past Midnight Danse Macabre Different Seasons Black House Green Mile Salem's Lot Illustrated Edition Cell Lisey's Story Blaze Duma Key Just After Sunset Under the Dome Colorado Kid Carrie On Writing Storm of the Century Blood and Smoke (audio) Bag of Bones (in Finnish) Dark Tower Concordance by Robin Furth Dark Tower Concordance by Robin Furth Stephen King Universe Uncollected, Unpublished by Rocky Wood

Others (in Finnish)

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  1. Cycle of the Werewolf