Crossword as a JPEG


1] King's state
2] A comic book
3} The clown in IT
4] The director of Dead Zone
5] Rose McClendon's safe haven in Rose Madder
6] Indian "talisman" that is believed to filter nightmares
7] Animal church yard
8] The gunslinger (first name)
9] The pseudonym
10] The X-Files episode King has written
11] The poet whose poem inspired King to write the Dark Towers
12] The hotel in The Shining
13] Gunslinger's hometown
14] In Thinner Billy Halleck gets cursed by a...
15] Not being able to sleep
16] (across) A fictional town where many stories take place. IT for example
16] (down) Book on horror in the media
17] The baseball player who The Girl loved
18] Same S**t Different Day = ?
19] The Series, consisting of seven books
20] The Gunslinger's surname
21] The prison from which Andy Dufresne ingeniously escaped
22] King's other son; not the one in the poem :)
23] The co-author of Talisman and Black House
24] Roland's father
25] The eBook series
26] In Apt Pupil, Todd Bowden gets disturbingly interested in this group of people (a political party)
27] King's wife
28] King's son for whom a poem has been written (found in Skeleton Crew)
29] King's daughter