A little bit about me perhaps?
Well, my name's Minna. I'm a 31-year-old girl living in Helsinki, Finland. I'm studying language technology aka computer linguistics in Helsinki University. That's my major, that is. I also study computers, multilingual communication (complicatedly said about 'translation and stuff'), and "translational Finnish" (that'd be grammar, correct usage and things, aimed at translators) as minors.

I love languages.
I've had English since 3rd grade, Swedish since 7th, German since 8th, Spanish since 10th (senior high), and I took a basics course on Persian (2nd year of Uni). I am planning to study the basics on other languages, too. *knocks on wood* Oh yeah, of course, I've had Finnish since birth. Silly me...

I love books.
At first (well, as a kid I read e.g. Enid Blyton) I read "only" science fiction and then I sort of got sick of it (booooriiiing), and turned to the horror section at our library. I've read all kinds of horror books, but as I said, after I realized I'd been calling myself a King fan without really reading much by him, I began concentrating on him. I also try to collect horror movies. Try.

I love.
This itsy-bitsy section on King isn't my only "contribution" in the WWW. The portal to all my different sites, my "official homepage" is all things me.

There you go.