I don't know what this section is going to end up being. I realized that some (other than characters and places) things appear often in King's books and I started to write them down.
There are notes on: Stephen King, The Dark Tower series, Thinner, Carrie, English Leather, 6'2'', and REDRUM.


My Dark Tower bookmark First things first...
Stephen King

My celebrity curiosity spans to birthdays and closest family (well, usually *cough cough* don't you come "reminding" me about Duchovny). So... this being said:
- Stephen Edwin King, born September 21, 1947; Portland, Maine
- Parents: Donald King and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King
- Brother: Daniel King, 2 years older, adopted
- Married to Tabitha King (ne Spruce)
- Children: Naomi Rachel, Joe Hill, and Owen Phillip (born 21.2.1977)

The Dark Tower series

The poem that inspired King to write the Dark Tower books: Robert Browning's "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came".

Let's put this here: I didn't have any proper bookmarks (all are in use; I've been using library receipts instead) so I decided to make a bookmark myself (I made one for my sister, too). The picture of the Dark Tower is from an illustrated version of Dark Tower.    ---->


A couple of quotes from the Richard Bachman book:

Chapter 12 - Duncan Hopley

And, Billy, I don't exactly consider pimples off the-wall. You were starting to sound a little like a Stephen King novel for a while there, but it's not like that.


But if you add Cary Rossington with his alligator skin and William J. Halleck with his case of involuntary anorexia nervosa into the equation, it starts to sound a little like Stephen King again, wouldn't you say?


First-book syndrome? In case you need explaining, Stephen King is born September 21 (not 1963 though...) and his middle name is Edwin (and he's taught English...)

Carrie White's mother, Margaret White, gave birth to her daughter on September 21, 1963, under circumstances which can only be termed bizarre.


Carrie White passed in the following short verse as a poetry assignment in the seventh grade. Mr Edwin King, who had Carrie for grade seven English, says: 'I don't know why I saved it.'

English Leather

From Rose Madder: Part VI The Temple of the Bull, Chapter 6
(six other occurences)

All my men wear English Leather or they wear nothing at all, she thought, and felt ice creep up her spine.

From The Shining: Chapter 1 - Job Interview

All my men wear English Leather or they wear nothing at all came into his mind for no reason at all, and he had to clamp his tongue between his teeth to keep in a bray of laughter.

From Needful Things: Chapter 9
(here "King" means Elvis :)  )

For a moment she's too stunned to do anything, too stunned to move, and then hands from behind push her forward, and HIs hand has closed over her wrist, HIs hand is pulling her up on stage. She can SMELL him, a mixture of sweat, English Leather, and hot, clean flesh.


The smell of The King's English Leather was gone.

From The Talisman: Chapter 29 - Richard at Thayer, subchapter 4

When you saw him, you'd think he was the kind of person who might torture a cat. And he sort of smelled like rancid English Leather, I thought.

From Insomnia: Chapter 6

The wino approached their bench in a bent-kneed shuffle, the breeze heralding his arrival with a smell which was not English Leather.

From Dark Half: Chapter 19 Stark Makes a Purchase, subchapter 5

And from the way he smelled, the stationer thought he had done a little more than just splash on the old English Leather; he smelled as if he had bathed in it.

From Dark Tower VI: The Song of Susannah: 13th Stanza 'Hile Mia Hile Mother', chapter 19

Sayre leaned down to her, close enough so she could smell his cologne. Susannah thought it was English Leather.

What is it with English Leather?? Anyone know?


From Thinner: Chapter 18 - The Search

His leg size, however, was still thirty-two, and there just weren't that many thirteen-year-olds who stood six feet, two inches tall.

From The Shining: Chapter 26 - Dreamland

His mind had slipped from the Overlook to his father, who had been a male nurse at the Berlin Community Hospital. Big man. A fat man who had towered to six feet two inches, he had been taller than Jack even when Jack got his full growth of six feet even not that the old man had still been around then.

From Dead Zone: Chapter 17

And Chuck, at seventeen, was what God had really meant when he breathed life into the clay, Johnny often thought. He was a physically lovely human being. He stood six-two and weighed a good muscular one hundred and ninety pounds.

From Head Down (Nightmares and Dreamscapes)

The two Kings, Kyle on the Hampden team and Owen on the Bangor West team, are not related. You don't need to be told; a single glance is enough. Kyle King is about five foot three. At six foot two, Owen King towers over him. Size differences are so extreme in Little League that it's easy to feel disoriented, the victim of hallucination.


At six foot two and over two hundred pounds, he's as big as a man, but he's still only twelve and not used to being hit by seventy-mile-an-hour inside fastballs.

From Black House: Chapter 19

If I'd been five foot three and weighed one hundred and five pounds instead of being six-two and two hundred and ninety, by now I'd be rotting, too, he thinks.

And again in Chapter 29

Wendell has no idea how such an old party can carry such a big man -- Sawyer is six-two and must go a hundred and ninety at least -- but he supposes it's the same sort of deal that allows a distraught mother to lift up the car or truck beneath which her kid is pinned.

From The Stand: Chapter 11

There were plenty of Occidental executives, but enough of them were Japanese to make him feel, at six-feet-two, like a very tall horse's ass.

From Dreamcatcher: Chapter one - McArthy, subchapter 5

His feet slipped and Jonesy grabbed his upper arms. He was a big man, taller than Jonesy, who stood six-two, and broader, as well.

From Insomnia: Chapter 13

You're tall enough to do without the chair, I judge. What are you, Ralph, about six-two?

From From a Buick 8: Chapter Now: Sandy

Bradley Roach was safely on the hook for that, Roach had unspooled him up the side of a pulled-over sixteen-wheeler, leaving a bloodsmear ten feet long and as tall as a State Trooper, about six-feet-two in the case of Curtis Wilcox, pulling his clothes not just off but inside out as well (...)

From Pet Sematary: Chapter Forty-Nine

Louis Creed was a fairly tall man, standing a bit over six-two, but the fence was easily nine feet high, each wrought-iron stave ending in a decorative arrow-like point.

Ah-ha! :) From On Writing

I was a sophomore, I was a year older than most others in my class, and at six feet two I was one of the bigger boys in school.



This is in the very end cause it really bothers me. I've been very annoyed by this, but now I've realized that maybe the translator's strategy of "translating wrong" works better than if they would've translated word for word (or should I say letter for letter). In the Shining miniseries special edition DVD, "REDRUM" is translated as 'punainen rommi' - red rum. Coloured alcoholic drink. For the Kubrick version, it's 'punainen huone' - red room (and I'm afraid my favourite translator did that one...). Rum in Swedish is 'room'. I haven't dared to look in the book version (maybe I'll check it the next time I go to the library).
At least "punainen rommi" goes with the dialogue that follows: Danny asks his mother "what's redrum?" and his mother replies "that sounds like something a pirate would drink". I don't know how the Kubrick's dialogue goes (does "red room" match the context).
On the DVD there are other languages as well; I should check how their exact translation (murder backwards) goes with the whole dialogue ("sounds like something a pirate would drink").
German - 'redröm'; mörder = murderer
Spanish - 'etreum'; muerte = death
Italian - 'etrom'; morte = death, dead
Hungarian - 'sokliyg'; gyilkos = murderer, murderous
Portugese - 'etrom'; morte = death
Icelandic - 'ðrom'; morð = assassination (=murder?)
Btw, there's a scene (or actually a room in an old funhouse) in Max Payne 2, where you can see "reddrum" written on a wall, and in the mirror it says "murder".

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if a woodchuck would chuck wood?