.:: 29/6/2009 Added some Dutch titles in Kingopedia. ::.


.:: 11/11/2009 Finally something new to add to my Bookshelf as Under the Dome was released yesterday. .::. 28/11/2008 Bought Just After Sunset. And also finally scanned Duma Key although I'd bought it in January! Both now safely in my Bookshelf. .::. 12/8/2007 I bought Blaze a while ago and finished reading it on Friday (August 10). It was really good and I got hooked on it instantly. In the end it has an excerpt from King's next book, Duma Key. It's the first time I've heard about it! It'll be out at the end of January so I'll have to think of something else (than King) to read for 6 months... .::. 4/6/2007 I had completely forgotten I've kept an update log of TGWLSK...! What has happened since May 2006? In February '07 while I was in Australia, I finished reading King's newest book, Lisey's Story. In Australia I also made an amazing find: Rocky Wood's "Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished" which I knew about but didn't think to find anywhere (in Finland at least). Good thing I went to Oz... I also found Four Past Midnight (from the correct series, too!) at a bookstore. That's it. Now I'm eagerly waiting for Blaze that should come out on June 12. .::. 26/5/06 On Wednesday both Regulators and Storm of the Century arrived at the bookstores, and today I also got to pick up Different Seasons! All three now decorate my Bookshelf .::. 13/5/06 Bought Cujo DVD, ordered Regulators, Different Seasons, and Storm of the Century from bookstores .::. 5/5/06 Found 'Salem's Lot (new version) on DVD! .::. 13/4/06 Picked up On Writing on my way home .::. 12/4/06 The Tommyknockers had arrived at the bookstore and I went to pick it up today. Beautiful book! (The guy who was at the pickup desk said the same after I'd asked for a plastic bag so that the book wouldn't get scratched in my bag...) On Writing has also arrived too, apparently, I'll pick it up tomorrow. .::. 31/3/06 I couldn't wait any longer! I bought a hardcover Cell even though I was supposed to wait for a paperback. .::. 27/3/06 'Salem's Lot Illustrated Edition "with previously unpublished material" can now be found in my Bookshelf. I already have Salem's Lot in paperback but do you honestly think I could've left this beauty in the store to the mercy of all those people and their filthy hands? .::. 14/3/06 I found "The Stephen King Universe" by Stanley Wiater, Christopher Golden, and Hank Wagner at a bookstore's website (in a sort of special 'finds' section). The package arrived today! .::. 16/1/06 Happy Birthday to me! And happy to welcome Carrie to my Bookshelf .::. 15/12/05 Blood and Smoke arrived today! First I had ordered a cassette version (there wasn't anything about it in the information) so I sent it back and asked which is the CD version. Finally I got it! I'm a little bit disappointed though because I was under the impression that the stories were new (only in audio), but they were included in Everything's Eventual 3 years after the audio book was published. .::. 29/11/05 On Nov 16 I ordered Colorado Kid and Blood & Smoke. Today, Colorado Kid arrived — at last! Now I'll just have to wait and hope that Blood & Smoke arrives soon, too. .::. 26/10/05 Finally! Hearts in Atlantis in my Bookshelf! .::. 1/7/05 Thinner and Night Shift found home in my Bookshelf .::. 25/5/05 Oh no, you say. If not, then I will: Oh no! Bookshelf updates — Eyes of the Dragon and Dark Tower Concordance II by Robin Furth added to the ever-growing collection. Let's say they were a nameday present from Me to Me. I just counted, and I'm still missing 14 (fourteen!) books. .::. 18/5/05 A perfect day in every way (except for a headache) and then my Bachman Books arrived as well! Insane! So, added the Bachman Books (collection of Rage, The Long Walk, Roadwork, and the Running Man) to my bookshelf. .::. 3/5/05 Yet another trip to the bookstore: Desperation, Insomnia (yay!), and Misery rescued to my bookshelf. .::. 2/5/05 Fruitful trip to the bookstore: Green Mile (pretty green!), IT, and Firestarter found a safe home in my bookshelf. The best thing is, I haven't read IT or Firestarter as they are really difficult to find in the libraries (there isn't a single copy of Firestarter in English). I also placed an order on the Bachman Books. 9/2/05 Bought Misery and Dreamcatcher on DVD, added to the movie collection .::. 2/2/05 Bought The Stand (uncut!) and added it to the Bookshelf .::. 7/1/05 Bought The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and added it to the Bookshelf .::. 4/12/04 Finished reading The Tommyknockers. Bought Bag of Bones yesterday, added it to the Bookshelf .::. 5/10/04 Bought Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower; added to the Bookshelf .::. 27/9/04 Finished reading Dark Tower VI .::. 22/9/04 Bought The Dark Tower Concordance Volume I by Robin Furth :: Checked the bookstore when DT7 (published on 21/9) might be available in Finland, in 2 weeks they said .::. 7/9/04 Yet another addition to the Bookshelf: Dolores Claiborne. Am I on a spending spree or am I on a spending spree? .::. 2/9/04 Bought Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah (added to the Bookshelf). Alas, it's the Hodder & Stoughton version. I had the bookstore lady go all the way to the storage (in the basement) to check if there'd be a Grant book somewhere and she bought a book back that was the same as on the shelves. I didn't dare to just leave without buying it and besides, like the saleswoman said, it's the inside that counts. Now I have to check I have all the pages cause there has been trouble with missing and double pages... And no matter how precious such books are to the collectors, I want my books perfect. *after a while* Seems fine. Good. .::. 26/8/04 Home from the holidays: First reads for Pet Sematary and Christine (ratings added to the list of works), and a 6'2" Note found in Pet Sematary. No new King books this time (only an Oxford Dictionary of New Words) because the book store in Kuopio only had Hodder & Stoughton's Song of Susannah. I want a Grant one, I know where I can find it. So next week... next week. I don't have any *first read* King book to read anyway (I've read Salem's Lot before (in Finnish though) and I'm reading it now) .::. 12/8/04 Bought Needful Things and Salem's Lot, added them to the Bookshelf .::. 10/8/04 Read Cujo while I was at my aunt's (3 stars and added to works) :: A new 6'2" Note, from Cujo .::. 21/7/04 Finished reading Black House (all I can say is *relieved sigh*) -- I gave it **** and I had to add a minus after Carrie's four stars cause it's not as good as BH but better than Bag of Bones (for instance)... rating's getting difficult :D I don't remember why I liked Carrie so much... :: I made pretty cool underlinings (if I may say so myself). I'm amazed, to tell the truth. .::. 20/7/04 Finally got around scanning Christine and Rose Madder to my Bookshelf :: Went to see Secret Window on July 11th. It was great. Made me want to read the book again because I want to see how "accurate" the movie was. Also, spookily, I guessed some of the lines in the movie. I don't know if it was because a) they were so cliché-like or b) they were so King-like. I'm rooting for the latter. :) .::. 17/6/04 Finished reading Carrie :: Secret Window (movie) came out in Finland today -- added it to the list of works .::. 12/6/04 Notes on Carrie .::. 4/6/04 Finished Dark Tower V .::. 26/5/04 Bought myself a nameday present: Dark Half; now in my Bookshelf .::. 20/5/04 The counter had disappeared/reseted so I had to make a new one. I have no idea how many visitors I had had... :( .::. 28/4/04 Not much of an update, but I finished reading The Talisman, now starting Black House .::. 16/4/04 Bought Hearts in Atlantis DVD -- addition to the movie collection .::. 2/4/04 New layout!! Time for something dark and gloomy .::. 20/3/04 New titles in different languages: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian... :: Added Stand By Me to the movie collection .::. 10/3/04 I made myself a nice bookmark with a Dark Tower theme. I've ran out of bookmarks quite frankly. Why? See my babble on Works before the tables lists start... :: Oh, and I noticed I had "I'm reading Dark Half in Finnish and there's English leather mentioned but I have to find the original version of it" in the Notebook (I've read the book ages ago!). I had completely forgotten about it, but now Dark Half is represented in the Notebook as well .::. 2/3/04 I bought Needful Things DVD .::. 28/2/04 Added Pet Sematary to the Bookshelf (bought it on 25th) .::. 19/2/04 Not much updating :) Only went to the library to pick up Night Shift that I had "ordered" to be brought to the library near me .::. 7/2/04 Finished reading Eyes of the Dragon, a 4-star experience :) :: I joined the Green Mile [book] Fanlisting the other day... Now I could join an Eyes of the Dragon Fanlisting, if there is one :: I went to the book sales with a hopeful mind, but none of King's works were on sale -- bummer -- but I did buy a dictionary ("oh no!" you say?): Wordsworth's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable .::. 24/1/04 Now everything should work ok. Not much updating, they showed Apt Pupil yesterday so that was added to the collection (you know, I even got around marking some of the tapes! The ones that I know what's in them...) But as I hadn't been updating much, there're lots of new things. Like the book titles in different languages. It's quite interesting :) There're only 4 languages (besides English) so far... .::. 17/1/04 I got a new domain, Now if it just would start working... :) .::. 16/1/04 I had to update my age.... ;) .::. 12/1/04 Additions to the movie collection — The Running man, The Ninth Gate .::. 5/1/04 A huge renovation below the surface: code cleaned :: Started a page for book titles in different languages .::. 24/12/03 WHEEEE! I got Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla (HARDBACK!) from my sister for Xmas!!! AND From Buick 8 from my grandparents (as well as my dad, but we'll go change it) .::. 28/11/03 Finally, my 4-month wait is over! I got my Dark Tower 1-4 boxed set! (published 10/11/2003) *hugs the box* See and weep! ;) .::. 7/11/03 Taped the Exorcist: Director's Cut .::. 2/11/03 Finally finished watching Rose Red :) I even got something for XAMM out of it too... Yay! Good movie... Julian Sands is nicccccce :) .::. 27/10/03 Angry rant in the Notebook on REDRUM (at the bottom) :: Two additions to the cast of The Shining miniseries - The Garris .::. 23/10/03 Bought The Shining (miniseries) special edition DVD .::. 22/10/03 Read Stand (vol. 1), found vol. 2 in the library (i.e. reading that now x) .::. 19/10/03 Bought Rose Red DVD .::. 11/10/03 Notes on Insomnia .::. 30/9/03 Woohoo! I finally found The Stand part I (in Finland they published it in 2 volumes) in the library, so I get to read the book! They've only had Stand II when I've been at the library. And I also started reading the Talisman (well, started a week ago) cause I finished the Shining .::. 23/9/03 Finished reading the Shining :: A new "category" in the Notebook - 6'2" .::. 17/9/03 JPEG version of the crossword (to print or if Java applet doesn't work) :: Cast for Carrie 2 .::. 13/9/03 Happy birthday, grandma! :) :: A few additions to Creepshow II's cast :: A new section -- Fun -- started, albeit rather modest :: Whee! Carrie 2 added to the movie collection .::. 6/9/03 New at Notebook :: More cast for Creepshow I (as I finished watching it) .::. 3/9/03 I just looooove playing with CSS, made some changes again :: Added some cast for Creepshow II :: Something in the Notebook about Rose Madder & The Shining -- the beginning of another "Connections" page? Who knows .::. 2/9/03 Bought The Talisman .::. 30/8/03 Bought Creepshow I and II on DVD :: Added cast to Creepshow I .::. 29/8/03 Danse Macabre was a five-star reading experience. I got lots of books on my to-read list (and surprisingly some, Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury + The Fog by James Herbert for instance, can be found in Dad's scifi collection -- who knows what other surprises I'll get...) :: My horror(-ish) movie collection .::. 28/8/03 Notes on Thinner in the Notebook :: Joined Enlisc and Words Fanlistings .::. 27/8/03 Chinga (an X-Files script) added to Works :: More cast for It :: Notebook (somewhat) started with a poem .::. 24/8/03 Ah, home at last, with Everything's Eventual in my backpack (I mean I bought it... I read Thinner and Rose Madder during my 1 week trip to my grandparents, and almost finished Danse Macabre -- 60-ish pages to go) .::. 13/8/03 New additions to my Bookshelf: Black House and Danse Macabre .::. 8/8/03 Collecting SSDD :: Joined Oh the Horror! and Books Eater Fanlistings .::. 7/8/03 Joined Path of the Beam: the Dark Tower Fanlisting .::. 6/8/03 Joined I Love to Read! Fanlisting .::. 5/8/03 Site established (a day early in fact) :: Joined Shine: The Stephen King Fanlistings (actually, I decided to make this site so that I could join the Fanlisting with my head held high, "I have a Stephen King site" :) So the story goes, dee da dee) ::.